Welcome to my my blog! 

Here you can read news about EcoBrats in Ireland and about my personal (and continuing) journey in setting up this business. Originally I had also intended to post information and advice relating to ethical living and a number of green parenting issues but I have subsequently decided to set up a website dedicated to this purposes - more information coming soon!

Green parenting is not something to be practiced by an elite few with money to burn but an economic, practical solution to increasing prices, dwindling natural reserves and a polluted environment.

I believe firmly that we should give our children the best start in life possible and here at EcoBrats we strive to provide some of the tools required to do this.

I am available to give real nappy demonstrations and talk on a range of topics, in the Limerick area. If you would like to book a demonstration/talk, please don't hesitate to email or alternatively call on 061 748498.

15 January 2009

Now what?!?

This is the first time in ages that I have posted, following my initial enthusiasm for setting up a blog.

I took time away from everything, working non stop for weeks in an effort to get EcoBrats.ie up and running for the end of November. I thought that once I had it all up and running that the rest would be plain sailing - how wrong I was!

Getting the website online is just the beginning of it!

I thought that at the start of a recession, cloth nappies would be the way forward for many from a purely economical point of view but I seriously underestimated the need for people in Ireland to be educated about modern reusable nappies.

Even getting my website to the top of the Google organic search is no good if people aren't searching for real nappies - here's were the real work begins!

So my website is up and running, now what?!

I have serious work to do to get my site up the Google organic rankings and advertising is a potential minefield for me with not much money to invest after obtaining my initial stock. I had lots of ideas but everything takes so much time! Watch this space!