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01 March 2009

Orgasmic Birth

Now here's a curious thing I came across today.

I have read numerous books about natural childbirth and come across the fact that many women can experience childbirth seemingly painlessly. But what I came across today takes it one step further; women who actually experience pleasure, akin to an orgasm, whilst giving birth.

My first thought was, "only in America", but having watched the trailer (and yes, there is a film!), I can completely see myself buying into something like this! I'm even considering selling them on the website if the documentary is all its cracked up to be.

I was all up for trying the au naturale way with DS but unfortunately, due to some complications, I had to be under consultant led care in a hospital, plus DS was already 16 days overdue (so water birth was out), and one thing led to another, yada, yada, yada... c-section and huge dissapointment!

If I ever manage to get pregnant again, which is a long shot via egg donation route, then I am determined to have a natural birth. Fingers-crossed, with baba 2 there will be no complications (no pesky ovaries left to interfer with matters!), which means that I can have the kind of birthing experience I have always wanted.

All I need to do now is get pregnant and find a midwife willing to help with a VBAC home waterbirth - simples!

1 comment:

artyfeminist said...

I also have heard about this - but like you had a section - there was nothing 'orgasmic' about it!