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Green parenting is not something to be practiced by an elite few with money to burn but an economic, practical solution to increasing prices, dwindling natural reserves and a polluted environment.

I believe firmly that we should give our children the best start in life possible and here at EcoBrats we strive to provide some of the tools required to do this.

I am available to give real nappy demonstrations and talk on a range of topics, in the Limerick area. If you would like to book a demonstration/talk, please don't hesitate to email or alternatively call on 061 748498.

28 February 2009

So many things, so little time

I'm sure everyone feels like this sometimes; you have so many things that urgently need doing NOW, that you sit down and think carefully how you're going to prioritise these important jobs, then before you know it, the whole day has gone by, and still not a thing done!

This is pretty much how I've been feeling for the last couple of weeks. Got a great response from the slot on TV3 a couple of weeks ago, but as well as bringing in the orders, it also highlighted essential changes that need to be made to the website and my business practices generally. Add to this a house that doesn't clean itself, dinners that never cook themselves and a 17 month old monkey running wild around the place, is it any wonder I'm having difficultly getting organised?!?

I've been putting off organising the last little bits of my June (6th) wedding for so long, that I now think it is too late to order the bridesmaids dresses I have been coverting for the last 6 months. And somebody tell me who's idea it was to make their own wedding invites?!?!?!

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mammydiaries said...

Oh lord! I decided to "Make" my own thank you cards after my daughter's christening. Each one hand illustrated with it's own personal message. This was after the Christmas where I handmade all of dp's relatives a little plate of christmas cookies each on their own hand picked plate from the charity shops. This year, between raising a baby, being pregnant, taking care of the house, making my own cleaning products and shampoo and researching and writing a book, I am attempting to keep the "hand made with love" extras to a minimum. And by minimum, I mean none:)